I discovered the benefits of Pilates techniques while recovering from a persistent back and hip injury. Regular training on the Pilates reformer not only improved my physical health, but so impressed me that I decided to add a reformer program to my personal training business.

Today's reformer provides an effective, low-impact resistance-based exercise that is friendly to a client's joints. It consists of a gliding carriage inside a wood frame connected to a system of springs, pulleys, and ropes. Clients sit, kneel, stand, or lie on the carriage, and push and pull the footbar and the ropes. Resistance is provided by the attached springs, and the exercises target every part of the body.

My involvement in yoga, aerobics, and conditioning coupled with my expertise on the reformer allows me to guide clients to develop a new body awareness. Individualized instruction emphasizes improving posture through stretching, aligning, strengthening, and adding flexibility to muscles often ignored in other workouts.

Increased energy, a better structural support, improved balance and coordination are just a few of the benefits derived by people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, the reformer can be used successfully in rehabilitation as it focuses on getting a client to a desired state of functional movement.

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