"It's a rare individual who can keep me interested in exercise for over 20 years and Lesley has done just that.  
She's expanded from dance to body conditioning to yoga and rounded out my exercise routine along the way -- keeping me fit while offering variety to maintain interest and challenge. She encourages friendship and camaraderie in her classes, connecting individuals in a fun, supportive environment. Her continuously evolving repertoire of music and moves keeps exercise interesting and new." -- Bridget Meckley

"I have been a continuous, group exercise student of Lesley Norris for over 15 years on a two or three times per week basis. At age 66, I attribute my good health and fitness to her classes. She knows what she is doing and varies the class content to keep it interesting. Over time, many of the other regular class participants have become my friends. All in all, a goodly share of the quality of my everyday life can be traced back to Lesley's classes." -- John Hodik

"I suffer from multiple injuries to my back and neck. My goal was to increase my strength and flexibility. Lesley and the reformer were able to do this for me and allowed me to transfer to more traditional exercises and mat classes. The reformer and Lesley were both outstanding in allowing me to reach my goal." -- Dan Little

"The GetFit classes taught by Lesley Norris offers 3 different types of workout venue – body conditioning, dance and yoga.  I have been a faithful student for 15 years and continue to participate in the body conditioning and dance classes and thoroughly enjoy both." -- Gail McNabb

"Exercise has always been part of my life. For decades I went to the gym, ran, and swam. Eventually the same routine over and over again became boring. I needed something different. When I started Lesley's classes I was a bit skeptical. I just wasn't sure what the intensity of the workout would be. I was pleasantly surprised. Both her fitness and yoga classes are geared to different levels of fitness at the same time. She takes the basic exercise or yoga position and offers modifications to make it as difficult as one would like. And her classes are always different. One never gets bored or feels in a rut doing the same program over and over again. While she is certified and licensed, she is constantly going to workshops and conferences to learn about the latest techniques in exercise physiology.
There is also the social aspect of her classes. Typically after each Saturday morning fitness class a bunch of her students will go out for coffee with her. And we have started doing occasional wine tastings after Monday night yoga! How cool is that?! So, yes, I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for more than the gym experience. In addition, she also offers personnel training for those who want or need more of a workout." -- Jim Aleszka

"“I love Pilates reformer!  Lesley is constantly creating a new challenge when I work out with her.  It is always exciting to see what she will come up with next.  Variety keeps the workout fun!” -- Kellie Wilson

"The variety of exercises within each class, the variety of music especially chosen for each class, and Lesley’s infectious enthusiasm for the well being of her students have combined to create the perfect workout experience, one that makes me look forward to every session.  As I’ve aged over the years I have been with Lesley, I have come to fully appreciate the level of health that I enjoy.  I see others my age starting a decline in their quality of life but under Lesley’s guidance, I know that I have the physical ability to continue with life in its fullest.  Beyond the physical experience however, there is something else that makes Lesley’s sessions special, something that is not present in the workouts at the gym or the Y.  This is Lesley’s ability to bring her students together as a family.  It’s not just the no-pain no-gain mentality of push-ups; it’s not just the sweat soaked T-shirt of crunches; it’s the joy of a job well done surrounded by those that I care about and who care about me.  How can I recommend Lesley’s classes any higher?" -- Wayne Patterson

"After a consultation on my fitness goals, Lesley customized a versatile workout routine that also fits into my busy schedule. Lesley's group classes are so much fun that you never want to miss one." -- Nancy Vick

"Lesley is the most conscientious and dedicated exercise instructor I have ever encountered. She selects fun and relevant theme music for each and every session . . . "mixes it up" every week . . . with results that guarantee a great workout and a good sweat–this goes for yoga, conditioning exercises and her very fun dance exercise classes. 
Most important, Lesley suggests modified moves for health and safety for those unable to perform certain moves.  -- Eva Marie Vargo

"I have had the great fortune to be a student of Lesley Norris for over 25 years. One of the many reasons I have stayed with Lesley for so long is the variety of fitness options she provides to her students. You never get bored! In addition, I feel very comfortable with my fitness level and receive compliments from others on my fitness and energy level. This is due to Lesley. I highly recommend that you use Lesley as your personal fitness trainer. You'll be pleased with the results and it's fun!" -- Carol Dorsey

"I have taken classes and personal training from Lesley for 14 years. She is an excellent, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. She teaches because she loves to share health benefits. She takes pride in 'mixing' things up so you don't get bored but she always uses the safest methods. She has established lasting relationships with clients, myself included." -- Patti Carnago

"There once was a trainer named Lesley
Who wanted to set all the flab free 
She created her class
So she could kick ass
It’s been 5 years and counting for me

Her class can be tough
That’s why I’m so buff
And part of a new group of friends
Sweating together
Makes all of it better
Hoping the push-ups will end

Now don’t get me wrong
She distracts you with songs
And contests I never can win
But I wouldn’t keep goin’
If my muscles weren’t showin’
The results have reeled me in

You may not have gathered
How much we get lathered
Performing each set of her tasks
But you’ll know if you go
How lean you will grow
By doing all that she asks

She may hear me whine
But I think she is fine
Excels in a realm of her own
We dance and we crunch
Lift weights quite a bunch
Best classes that I’ve ever known"
-- Jill Olsen

Phone:  (858) 472-6211
E-Mail: Lesleyn@att.net